Elated Clients

“Taunia Terry is one of the most gifted coaches and intuitive teachers I know.  Her many diverse experiences and specialized trainings have endowed her with insight, wisdom, love and compassion – and lots of fire and emboldened passion as well!  I highly recommend allowing Taunia to climb into your world, because she will quickly discern how to help you release what is holding you back and rise to your full stature of greatness.”

Cherie Burton

Life Coach, Author and Business Owner, UT

“Taunia is by far the most intuitive person I’ve ever known.  As a coach, this is to her benefit as she knows the right questions to ask, and suggests solutions that best match her clients’ needs.  She has an innate ability to draw things out of you to observe and look at, without judgement or expectation.  Many times she gently brought my fears and issues to the surface for my own awareness, but then quickly offered simple tools and solutions, and invited me to move forward.  I have always left our sessions feeling truly empowered.”

Robin J.


“I’ve experienced first-hand the intuitive insight and wise council of Taunia.  Taunia is a natural mentor, I never once feel judged or shamed by her in confidence, only empowered. Her gift of making you feel secure and comfortable in an open dialogue allows for a session that is intimate and easy going without it ever feeling forced or contrived.  Instead of traditional talk therapy Taunia is an active participant in her exercises, she listens attentively and then offers an insight or a perspective I hadn’t considered before.  As we went through a series of practical exercises, I was soon provided with a sensible template of personal goals to work off of, I still use that template and continue to build upon it. The true wisdom of her gift is that Taunia doesn’t dictate her advice for me to follow, but rather helped me see my own advice to follow, now I have a pair of shoes on that fit me.  I look forward to more enlightened conversations with my personal “Yoda”.”

Bryce L.

San Jose, CA

 “Taunia Terry has been a personal mentor and I highly recommend her expertise and skills.  She has the intuitive ability to recognize what processes will serve me.  When I applied those techniques it assisted me in overcoming personal weaknesses, recognize my strengths, and help me to become a more successful, balanced individual.  My overall outlook improved in all aspects of my life.  (Taunia) has instilled in me the ability to believe in myself, never give up, and that I’m much more than I think I am.”

Greg M.

Ogden, UT

“Taunia is an extremely dynamic and powerful person.  She exudes confidence and leadership. She does not hold back in sharing what she knows and she speaks with passion and teaches with enthusiasm.  I enjoy hearing her frankly share her own story, as her openness encourages others to be open themselves. Taunia is an excellent mentor.  Her intuition enables her to really tune in with a person and find exactly what is holding them back in life.  In the time I spent with her, she was able to get to the root of an issue from the past that I did not even realize was still heavily affecting me! As I followed the steps in applying the tools she taught me, I was able to find resolution in that area, let go of it and move on.  I am so grateful for the time she spent with me, teaching me how to hone in on what was holding me back and then form a plan for what to do about it.  Thank you, Taunia, for your willingness to help me move onward and upward in my life!  My time spent with you was well worth it!” 


Ogden, UT

“Professionally, I saw Taunia for 2 years. She also worked with my younger sister, for about a year, who was struggling at college. She is very gifted and highly intuitive. I would bring up an issue or problem that I had been struggling with and she would help me define the root basis of my concern. Her insights allowed me to see and understand the problem that I was struggling with and to develop coping skills. As I implemented these skills, I was able to grow and develop both personally and professionally. She enabled me to see a bigger and a broader viewpoint. Helping me to understand my role in it, to accept responsibility for my part, release the emotional attachments around it, and re-frame it in a more healthy, healing way. I often found myself in repeating cycles that I was unable to change but because of the understanding I had gained, I have been able to make different choices which has changed my future. I am a better person because of her assistance in my life”.

Jenny F.

Oak City, UT