Create your Freedom. Live your Abundance!  
Are you ready to upgrade your life but not sure where to start?


I’ve got you and I GET you.

I’ve been in the place in my life where I knew something had to change. I completely transformed my life and know what it takes to change what you may fear can never change.

My discomfort is my ticket to freedom.”  Taunia

It’s bullshit to believe that you have to lie in the bed you’ve made.  Yes, you’re living in the effect of your choices but that isn’t a prison sentence you are forced to live out for the rest of your life.  Take responsibility for it, learn from it, and with the wisdom you gleaned make better choices.  Now that you know, do better.

Also, let’s keep this in perspective.  These are moments, or chapters, in your book.  It’s not your whole story.  It’s not the definition of who you are.  It was an experience meant to reveal the deeper truth of you.  “Live your life, not your label.”

So are you ready to take your life in a new direction but you don’t want to do it alone?  I understand that.  Allow me to expertly guide you through the chaos of transformation so that you feel supported and encouraged to step into your strength and wisdom, ultimately emerging strong!  You do the work, but you don’t have to do it alone!

Pick one thing that you would like to be different in your life and that’s where we’ll start our journey together.

What would it be like to have the clarity of what’s possible and the courage to step into the unknown?  I promise you that the new territory isn’t as scary as it may seem, it’s just new territory.  You’ve got this!

Our journey will include what I’ve termed the Four Pillars of Transformation:

  • Awaken.  You are OPEN: aware change is needed, ready, willing, and committed
  • Explore.  You are OBSERVING:  taking honest inventory, seeing options, noticing opportunity
  • Choose.  You are SHIFTING:  creating, expanding, and expressing how you aspire to be
  • Be.  You are ANCHORING:  self-awareness, self-love, authentic presence, support system

My Offerings:

  • Personal Coaching
    • Limited Time Offer:  5 sessions for $500!
  • Group Coaching
    • The Art of Awareness
    • A journey of self-discovery through artistic expression.

For more information on my offerings, please send an inquiry on the About + Contact page.