About Taunia


Taunia brings a unique approach to facilitating transformation.  With over 30 years professional background in personal development, the healing arts, and life coaching, she expertly and intuitively guides her clients from limitation and fear towards a higher way of being.  Inspiring them to discover and embrace their own inner wisdom, voice and power so that they can live an uninhibited life that expresses who they truly are.

Though she’s had extensive professional training, she attributes her greatest education as having navigated her own diverse life experiences. It was this ‘skin in the game’ education that imbued her with a rich empathy, wisdom, and gift for helping others.  She’s walked the transformation journey (multiple times and in multiple ways) to gain the expertise she has in helping others navigate their own abyss.

Taunia unabashedly encourages conversation that is truthful, vulnerable, enlightening, and expansive. Where diversity is invited and individuality is embraced in a safe and respectful way; as she encourages us to be gentle with ourselves and each other.

In 2017, she created COFFEE TALK WITH TAUNIA as a means to keep us genuinely connected and truthfully communicating in a digital world. Designed for cathartic conversations that raises self-awareness, broadens perspectives, and allows for vulnerability and introspection in a safe and respectful space.

She lives in Utah with her sweetheart, Joe, and looks forward to bringing a fur baby (dog) into their family soon. She enjoys contemplating and expressing her insights through writing, with a desire to share her work as a published writer.  Some of her favorites things are: being in nature, the Oregon Coast, heartfelt conversation over a good cup of coffee, artistic expression, paddling, unwinding in scented baths, enlightening retreats and seminars, ultra-comfy blankets to snuggle in, and witnessing breakthroughs in others and herself.