Awaken. Explore. Choose. Be.

There is no greater journey

This is your ticket to freedom.  Let's do this.

The Greatest Journey is Within

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You’re not lost, you’re just in new territory.  We can navigate this together.

As a Coach specializing in navigating life transitions, I help you reconnect to your own wisdom, voice, and power. So that you can be free to become what you’re aching to BE, without compromise, and impact the world in a way that only you can.

"And you?  When will you begin that long journey into yourself?”  Rumi

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"Taunia has incredible wisdom and intuitive gifts.  She calls it as she sees it, and the way she calls it is SPOT ON.  She is compassionate, yet bold and has a wealth of personal and professional experience in the art of transformation."
- Cherie Burton, Owner of Stand, Speak, Shine. Author, Speaker, doTERRA Blue Diamond


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Coffee Talk with Taunia

A membership for women. When life happens, and it does, a conversation goes a long way!   A unique group coaching experience that uses open and candid conversation as a catalyst for personal growth. It’s a safe place to come as you are. We’ll be sharing our stories, expanding our viewpoints, engaging in self-reflection, and embracing authentic expression.

Single session: $25
90 minutes of YOU time! Per use basis, no contract needed. Each session must be registered and paid for in advance, to secure your seat.

Content Only: $25/month
So you'll never miss out on the conversation!
  • Set up as a monthly autopay
  • You'll receive access to every weekly session
  • Including insights from the attendees
  • Access is via website or email
Monthly Plan: $40/month
The best of both worlds! In-person and digital access.
  • You get 2 in-person sessions each month.
  • With access to all remaining sessions (via email or website)
  • Plus, a special rate of $15 for any additional in-person sessions (beyond the 2).
** All sessions are subject to availability. It’s first-come, first-serve. **

PERKS: Java Session: $75 (1x1 session)
  • A 45-minute strategy session to clear the cobwebs
  • Limited to 1 per month, per availability (limited openings)
Monthly gifts, giveaways, and special offers!

Coffee Talk Information
Auto Withdrawal Form
Membership Agreement

Coffee Talk: FOR YOU! Requests for private groups and evening options, I created this for you! A customized Coffee Talk for your own group of friends, family, and/or co-workers.
$200/session (90 minutes)
  • You choose who attends (up to 7 women)
  • Choose a topic from the Coffee Talk list
  • We’ll set up a day and time (day or evening)
  • I’ll come to you on location (all materials provided).
You provide:
  • A group leader (choose 1 person to work directly with me)
  • To coordinate: payment, topic, location, date and time with the group
  • A list of all attendees (their names, email, phone)
  • Drinks, snacks (if you wish)
Note: Locations outside Weber County are subject to an additional travel fee.

One on One Coaching

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or need a kickstart?

Let’s get the ball rolling with a simplified game plan so you have a vision of what you’re creating and where you’re headed.


3 Session Package: $270
  • 1 hour sessions
  • To be used within 60 days of purchase
Java Sessions: $75
For Coffee Talk Members ONLY
  • 45 minute strategy session to clear the cobwebs
  • Limited to 1 per month, per availability (limited openings)

Auto Withdrawal Form
Membership Agreement

Let's explore your needs and see how I can best support you.

"Taunia helped me clear the mind clutter quickly and effectively. She asked me excellent questions that helped me come up with my own solutions. She would point out opportunities that I had previously overlooked, and efficient ways to utilize my time and talents. Hers is a voice I can trust because it always leads me back to my own. Her insights helped to create what I am doing now and I am soaring! I will never forget the day she taught me about expansion and how it was possible if I chose to go deeper. What an adventure I’ve been on ever since."
- Kim Oliver, Founder of Joytagious

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