The path within IS the journey.

When climbing the mountain of transformation,
you may be more aware of your stumbling than of your ascent.
” – Taunia

You’re not lost.  You’re in new territory.

My life has been so beautifully messy.  What broke me apart, broke me open – ultimately freeing me to be and receive more.

Being messy is a part of life, not a life sentence.

But I didn’t always know that.

I’m your guide to assist you to awaken your “ordinary” life into an exceptional one. Together, we walk the path that is uniquely yours, where you will explore possibilities and you will be able to choose to be joyful, free, and abundant.

Could it be that it’s the beliefs you hold that need examined and that there’s nothing wrong with you?   

The trap is that we often question ourselves instead of the beliefs we have.  

You’ve done the most courageous thing already!  

You’ve drawn a line in the sand and you’re unwilling to continue in this pattern for one more day.  

But now what?

That’s where I come in.   

And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?

– Rumi