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There is no greater journey

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The Greatest Journey is Within

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I help people navigate change.  In fact, it’s my superpower.  So, if you find yourself feeling lost or overwhelmed by big life transitions (such as divorce, leaving a religion, a new life stage); I’ve got your back!  I can help you gently and confidently navigate the space from where you’ve been into who you are becoming.

When climbing the mountain of transformation, you may be more aware of your stumbling than of your ascent.”  - Taunia

You’re not lost, you’re just in new territory.  Where you see obstacles, I’ll show you possibilities. I’ll meet you where you’re at and help you connect to your own voice, power, and wisdom; so that you can be and express your truest self to the world.

I get it!  Change is hard, especially when it’s unexpected.  Nevertheless, when it shows up in your life like an epic natural disaster, well, it demands your attention.  It is now officially an invitation to be a defining moment in your life.  Whether you believe you’re ready or not, the Universe just gave you the big shove forward…and that’s when it becomes the JOURNEY INTO YOURSELF.  There’s no greater journey!

Gratefully, my life forever changed as I embraced my own defining moment in 2011.  It started with one brave step into the void, and a line in the sand saying, “This shit stops now!”  And it did.  I’ll share that journey with you in the link below:

“How One Brave Act Can Change the Trajectory of Your Life:  Braving the Journey Within.”

If you’re aching to:

  • Be more than you are right now
  • Hear and connect to the voice that belongs to you
  • Increase your self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-love
  • Come from choice rather than reaction
  • View yourself and others with more grace and compassion
  • Feel a sense of connection and belonging
  • Connect to your own rhythm and pace
  • Experience more joy, freedom, self-awareness, and inner peace

I invite you to come play in my world, and offer you a seat at my table.  Together, we can evolve…one conversation at a time.

With Love,

"Taunia has incredible wisdom and intuitive gifts.  She calls it as she sees it, and the way she calls it is SPOT ON.  She is compassionate, yet bold and has a wealth of personal and professional experience in the art of transformation."
Cherie Burton, Owner of Stand, Speak, Shine. Author, Speaker, doTERRA Blue Diamond

“Incredible Transformation Coach!  Taunia has an innate ability to understand what might be blocking someone from reaching their goals and desires. She is amazing!”

Wendy Bunnell, Intuitive Success Coach, Transformational Speaker/Podcaster


"Taunia helped me clear the mind clutter quickly and effectively. She asked me excellent questions that helped me come up with my own solutions. She would point out opportunities that I had previously overlooked, and efficient ways to utilize my time and talents. Hers is a voice I can trust because it always leads me back to my own. Her insights helped to create what I am doing now and I am soaring! I will never forget the day she taught me about expansion and how it was possible if I chose to go deeper. What an adventure I’ve been on ever since."

Kim Oliver, Founder of Joytagious, Heart Connector and Mom

“Taunia is by far the most intuitive person I’ve ever known.  As a coach, this is to her benefit as she knows the right questions to ask, and suggests solutions that best match her clients’ needs.  She has an innate ability to draw things out of you to observe and look at, without judgement or expectation.  Many times she gently brought my fears and issues to the surface for my own awareness, but then quickly offered simple tools and solutions, and invited me to move forward.  I have always left our sessions feeling truly empowered.”

Robin Jones, Owner of Vibrant Living.  A champion for mompreneurs (as a mother of 8 and business owner)


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Coffee Talk with Taunia Dawn

AT COFFEE TALK...SHIFT HAPPENS!  Even a small shift in perspective can ease the burden of 1,000 cares.

This unique group coaching experience uses open and candid conversation as a catalyst for personal growth.  There’s two options to attend; either virtual (via Zoom), or in-person at a local coffeehouse in Roy, UT.  Topics revolve around self-awareness, relationships, communication, boundaries, and navigating change (life transitions).

Taunia’s expertise as an intuitive facilitator provides a container of safety that allows for open conversation while exploring differing perspectives.  Diversity is welcome.  You can contribute at your own level of comfort; whether you share, listen, or both.

The session begins by soothing your nervous system as you’re guided to be in the moment and let your cares fall by the wayside.  Taunia will introduce the topic by reading a short contemplative piece as a means to instigate introspection and provoke fresh perspectives.  The conversation is then open for sharing; where the value of being seen, heard, and making room for understanding transforms all who choose to participate.  They'll be reflection time towards the end to capture the insights gained and continue to contemplate after the session.

COFFEE TALK is a safe place to come as you are and talk openly about engaging life issues in a transformative way.  Evolving together…one conversation at a time.

One on One Coaching

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or in need of a kickstart that requires a more personalized approach?

I offer a free 20-minute Discovery Call to discuss what your needs are and determine what option would best serve you.  Pricing and information on packages can be discussed in your call.

Let’s get the ball rolling with a simplified game plan so you can connect to what’s calling to you, and capture the vision of what you’re yearning to create and to BE.

To set up a your free Discovery Call: Email or call and I'll reply within 48 hours (M-F).


  • Include what days and times may work best for you in the message.

Call: 385-352-3233

  • Leave a message with your contact information and what days and times may work best for you.

Group Coaching coming soon!
Let's explore your needs and see how I can best support you.

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“Taunia is a light worker who follows her intuition and gifts while guiding others. She's walked enough of the path of life to understand the rough places and help guide others through difficult spots and share the idea of hope on the other side of struggle.”

Lori Lee, Berkshire Hathaway Realtor, and Podcast Host (Love Your Story)

"Taunia's Coffee Talk is incredible! She is so genuine, insightful, and intuitive that if I go a week without getting to attend one of her "Coffee Talks" I feel like my soul is missing out on something. I highly recommend this to any woman looking... to surround themselves with (women) who are so supportive and looking to expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them - you need to try Coffee Talk! You will be so glad you did!"

Brook Lyons, owner of Affinity Photo Studio


“Some people are superfans of sports teams or shows, etc. I am a superfan of watching women shine in their unique brilliance!  I attended "Coffee Talk" hosted by Taunia Dawn Flora for the first time today and enjoyed every minute of it!  She is a brilliant facilitator of juicy conversations!!  It was so refreshing to show up to a space where vulnerability and authenticity were foundational.

I appreciated being able to have the time and space to process through what's coming up for me in this transition time… All the women present today were at varying life stations, but we all came together on the topic of being in alignment vs achievement. And it was 90 minutes of zero distraction! Everyone was grounded and present. Thank you!!”

Nisha Riggs, doTERRA Blue Diamond and Productivity Coach

“I love attending Coffee Talk. Taunia provides such a beautiful, safe space for women to gather. Taunia's topics are so insightful and needed. She leads Coffee Talk with her amazing coaching skills; she sets appropriate boundaries within the group, encourages participation, and helps participants process through the emotions they are feeling.”

Lisa Bailey, Founder of Living with Wholeness


Coffee Talk Library

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